About us

TS Sabre is a disciplined uniformed cadet unit in Anstey, Leicester and is a part of the Navy Cadet Force which is our National body .


We are youth organisation that encourages young people into responsible adulthood using the customs and traditions of the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, although we are not there to encourage this as a career. We teach cadets from 8 years to 18 years, life skills that they use to further their education and chosen career. We also coach them in many different water sports that are nationally recognised and so far have had many cadets go on to use this as their chosen career. Off the water we also train them in discipline, teamwork, leadership, engineering, catering, and much more.


Our organisation is totally dependent on the funds we raise as we are not sponsored by any government department. All funds raised go into the facilities, training and equipment that aid our cause, as none of our staff are paid in any way and volunteer their own time to the welfare and advancement of our young people.


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