Our Bootie Cadets range from 10 - 11 years, after which they make the decision whether to progress into Blue Jacket Cadets or Marine Cadets. Bootie Cadet's follow the same scheme of work as the Junior cadets however additionally train with the Marine Cadets to experience skills, knowledge and culture of the green side of ship. 

Marine Training

In addition to the fun packed syllabus the Junior cadets follow, our Bootie cadets also regularly train with the Marine side.


This includes:

  • Fieldcraft

  • Drill

  • Map Reading

  • Combat and advance to contact

  • Weapons used by the Royal Marines

  • Camouflage & Concealment

Training Afloat

Our junior cadets are given the opportunity to learn a variety of boating. We currently offer training on the following disciplines:


  • Paddlesports (Kayaking/Canoeing)

  • Powerboating

  • Rowing

  • Sailing

Colour Stepping Stones & Advancement


Our Junior Cadet advance through the below ranks:


  • Booie Cadet

  • Bootie Cadet 2nd Class

  • Bootie Cadet 1st Class

  • Leading Bootie


Junior Cadets also achieve their coloured Stepping stones as below:


  • Green - Land & Field Based

  • Blue - Waterborne and The Navy

  • Red - Unit Activities

  • Yellow - Community

Adventurous Activities


Our Cadets are given the opportunity to get involved in a variety of different Adventurous Activities. These include


  • Archery

  • Shooting

  • High Ropes

  • Climbing

  • Mud runs

  • Team Building

  • Orienteering

  • Camp Craft

  • Expedition Training

  • Various Sports

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