Head of Departments

CSGT Thomas Taylor NCF

Cutlass Detachment Commander


CSGT Taylor has held the position of Detachment Commander within TS Cutlass since its opening in March 2014.

CSGT Taylor has been celebrated for his successful running of the detachment. He has an eye for talent whilst a reassuring focus on the well-being of his cadets.


SGT Darren Matthews NCF

Officer in Charge of the Junior Divisions


SGT Matthews current heads up our Junior Cadet Divisions, looking after their training, well-being and progression. He brings a wealth of experience and a skill set that the best would struggle to contend with.



SGT Hayden Howard NCF

Sabre Detachment Commander

SGT Howard has held the position of Detachment Commander within TS Sabre since 2018. He brings experience and knowledge to the unit having a management skill set that compliments his own standards.


PO Holly Thomson NCF

Blue Jacket Divisional Officer

PO Thomson has led the Blue Jacket Division since July 2019, she has brought a young energy and passion to the division that has proved successful in the progression of cadets.



PO Ian Rogers NCF

New Entry Divisional Officer

PO Rogers currently leads our New Entry Division that specialises in training our new cadets. His friendly approach to teaching proves to be a perfect for cadets that are new to the unit and new to the training.