The Inter-Divisional Championship is our internal competition between our divisions. Many aspects of what our cadets do feed into our competition as well as our extra-ordinary competition nights.


Divisional Competition Model


  • Attendance (Parade Nights, Fund Raising Events, Parades)

  • Inspections (Uniform Standards)

  • Qualifications (Specialisations, Profiencies and NGB Qualifications Gained)

  • Advancement (Promotions)

  • Conduct

  • Merits (Cadets can earn merits for going above and beyond)

  • HQ Camps & Courses (Attending HQ)

  • Boating Competitions (Boat Races and Technical Skill)

  • Physical Training Competitions (Sports, Atheletics)

  • Drill Competitions (Marching Displays)

  • Other Specialisation & Profiency Competitions (Seamanship, First Aid, Field Craft)

  • Competition Nights (50% Training Related & 50% Non-Training Related)


At the end of each month points will be displayed to show the leaderboard.


In December a presentation mess dinner will be held to annouce the winning division and other individuals will be celebrated as well.



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