Senior Management Team

LT Craig Clarke NCF

Executive Officer


LT Clarke is known for his quick wit and confidence in teaching, he quickly became a valued member of the unit when he became staff in 2015.


The Executive Officer role supports the Commanding Officer in all areas of the running of FS Bulwark


2LT Derry Hand NCF

Officer in Charge of TS Sabre & Director Of Training

2LT Hand is one of our longest serving members of the region, he comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of training both in the planning and delivery.

2LT Hand has held the appointment of Director of Training since October 2019 and oversees all Staff and Cadet training across the region. 2LT Hand also supports Capt. Taylor in HQ & Regional advancement and assessments.

2LT Hand specialises in Advancement, Communications, Power Boating and PT.

WO2 Thomas Taylor NCF

Officer in Charge of TS Cutlass, Regional Head of Standards & Marine Training

WO2 Taylor has held the position of Officer in Charge of TS Cutlass since October 2020, he fulfils this role alongside his other roles as the Regional Head of Standards and Marine Training.

WO2 Taylor also holds national positions of the Company Sergeant Major and National Deputy Head of Standards.




Miss Jo Connolly

Chairman of the Trustees

Miss Connolly currently leads our Unit Management Committees and Trustees in all aspects of the charity management. This includes finances, health & safety, insurances, fund raising & facilities.