Our Crew

Senior Management Team

2LT Craig Clarke NCF

Officer in Charge


2LT Clarke is known for his quick wit and confidence in teaching, he quickly became a valued member of T.S Cutlass and the Navy Cadet Force, when he became staff earlier in 2015.


2LT Clarke specialises in Armed Drill, Communications, Fieldcraft and Survival Techniques.

LT Matthew Taylor NCF

Commanding Officer of T.S. Cutlass


Lt Taylor has held the position of Commanding Officer for TS Cutlass since March 2014. Currently also holds a position within Navy Cadet Force HQ as the Marine Staff Officer Training.

Lt Taylor is supporting TS Sabre through the first 6 months of their opening and will continue to be  figurehead within the background of the unit. As well as this Lt Taylor will also be helping the staff and cadets through their advancements.


Lt Taylor specialises in Weapons, Drill, Advancement, Instructional Methods, Seamanship, Powerboating, Rowing, Communications, Combat Signals, Piping, Fieldcraft, Map Reading & Leadership.

Head of Departments

SGT Thomas Taylor NCF

Acting Detachment Commander


SGT Taylor has held the position of Senior Head of Department within TS Cutlass since its opening in March 2014 and currently heads their  Marine Cadet Detachment.

SGT Taylor is supporting TS Sabre and will be acting as our Detachment Commander for the intrim period. He brings a vast amount of knowledge to this role as he is also the Basic Cadre Assesor for the Navy Cadet Force.

SGT Taylor Specialises in Drill, Fieldcraft and Powerboating.